Air Conditioning Request

    This form allows you to apply for the installation of a new or replacement air-conditioning unit to your lot.

    If you are a letting agent or a tenant, you will be asked to confirm that the lot owner is already aware of the request and has approved the proposal in principle, subject to Body Corporate approval.

    Your application should include all relevant details that the Committee will need to review and consider your application. This should include:

    • details (eg dimensions, technical specifications) of the condenser unit

    • details of location and ducting for any externally laid services (ie electrical and plumbing) – diagrams are helpful, please include if possible

    • proposed location of the external condenser unit

    • confirmation as to whether it is a replacement or new air-conditioning unit being applied for
      whether the condenser unit is proposed to have screening and, if so, details of the screening (eg materials, colour, access)

    • whether the condenser unit will have vibration pads beneath the feet or where it attaches to the wall.

    Property Details

    Are you the owner, occupier or letting agent?

    Has the owner granted permission?

    Your Details

    Applicant Details

    Air Conditioning Details

    Please include diagram of location including ducting work and other relevant documents

    Accepted file types: doc, docx, pdf, jpg, gif, pdf

    4MB file size limit.

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