Cassels Strata has over 25 years experience in the establishment of new schemes for developer clients.

From the initial design and planning

We recognise that successful consultation from the initial design and planning stages through to registration, ensures all construction and operation issues are discussed thoroughly, and therefore realistic and affordable budgets are formulated for inclusion into the contracts of sale.

It is our mission to ensure there are no delays in contract issues to purchasers. We have been involved in all types of strata titled projects.


  • Residential hotels & resorts
  • Industrial and commercial


  • Master planned communities
  • Environmentally friendly schemes


  • Mixed-use projects and layered schemes (including BMS)

Our team understands how the property industry operates.

We consult every step of the way, working with the developer during all stages. Our consulting services will also include attendance at the project coordination meetings, as well as interaction with various development consultants to ensure that the entire consulting team is familiar with the operational requirements of the body corporate structure. 

Review and advise on structure and title options
Arrange project consultants for (where required) and attend development and project meetings
Calculate contribution and interest entitlements
Provide statement of contributions showing individual outlays required per lot/unit
Review and advise on all architectural and survey plans to ensure realistic operating and maintenance costs are achieved
Review and advise on by-laws, community management statements and building management statements
Review caretaking and letting agreements
Review utility models and services

 To register and establish the scheme, we:

Following registration and establishment of the scheme, Cassels Strata will provide administration services for the first three years. We will ensure the smooth changeover of operational control from the original owner (the developer) to the first owners committee. This ensures that the new owners are fully aware of their roles and responsibilities with respect to the body corporate. It also ensures that there are no communication breakdowns with people misunderstanding their expectations.

Facilitate strata insurance required by the relevant legislation
Convene and attend the first Extraordinary General Meeting to establish the body corporate
Establish books and records of the body corporate
Liaise with lawyers to provide information necessary for settlements
Establish and maintain the bank accounts of the body corporate
Prepare certificates for settlement
Supervise scheme record inspections
Provide ongoing management and solutions

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